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Sweden's Social Movements Reject Intervention in Venezuela

  • Government supporters march against alleged OAS and U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

    Government supporters march against alleged OAS and U.S. intervention in Venezuela. | Photo: EFE

Published 21 August 2017

Members of 28 Latin American social organizations have rejected military intervention in Venezuela.  

Members of 28 Latin American social organizations based in Sweden have rejected threats of military intervention in Venezuela after U.S. President Donald Trump warned of a "military option" in the country.

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In a joint statement, the groups said they "categorically reject any threat of military intervention or sanction against Venezuela," and that the U.S. president's rhetoric is intended to break the constitutional order of the country.

"It is unacceptable that, in the 21st century a power grants itself the right to intervene militarily in other sovereign states, as if humanity had returned to the dark times of colonialism," the statement said.

Some of the groups behind the statement include the Solidarity Network with Latin America, Swedish-Ecuadorian Friendship Association, Association of Solidarity with El Salvador - Stockholm, Latin American Solidarity Association, Radio Bahia, Centro Cultural Peruano, National Federation (Víctor Jara), the Bolivia-Sweden forum and the Guayasamín Association.

In the statement, the social organizations criticized the "pseudo-democratic governments of Latin America who have been trying to give democracy lessons to Venezuela when in their own respective countries the fundamental rights of their citizens are constantly being violated."

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In a final call, the collective statement urged the international communities to pay heed to the ongoings in Venezuela.

"We alert the progressive humanity of the world about the delicate situation of the military threat posed by the United States government, a fact that endangers not only the sovereignty of Venezuela but also contributes to creating instability throughout the Latin American region and Caribbean."

"Finally, we express our hope that the various difficulties currently facing Venezuela will be resolved through a constructive dialogue between all sectors of society, for the sake of peace and the well-being of all Venezuelans," the statement concluded.

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