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  • Melbourne Refugee and asylum seeker rights rally Saturday 27 July 2013
    In Depth
    19 June 2015

    Melbourne Refugee and asylum seeker rights rally Saturday 27 July 2013

This World Refugee Day, teleSUR takes an in-depth look at what being forced out of a country means and what provokes humans to flee.

First world countries cause many of the world’s refugees directly through invasion and intervention, and economically through exploitation and colonization policies, looting countries of their own natural resources. Then, when those refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Honduras, Libya, and so on seek asylum in first world countries, and in countries like Egypt and Indonesia, they are offered no protection, mistreated, discriminated against, locked up, and often either left to die (drown at sea) or are directly murdered on the border (for example the US-Mexico border).

Its time to help refugees get to safety, to close all detention centers, and to look after them wherever they decide to settle.

World Refugee Day Protests and Actions

Click here for live updates.

Map: Western Failure to Help Refugees

The Refugee Side

From Sudan, Syria, and Somalia, refugees give their perspective on the issues they face as they flee, and in the countries where they seek asylum. Read more...

Analysis: The Making of the Migration Crisis

The unprecedented scale of global migration and migrant deaths are deliberate, not coincidental. Read more…

Video: Interviews from Quito – Karina Sarmiento on the Plight of Refugees

In Pictures: Experiences and Hopes

​Click on the picture below to go to a gallery of artwork created by refugees.

More Analysis

EU Secretly Declares War on Refugees, Literally – Behind closed doors, European leaders are considering a large-scale military operation, without a clear end goal.

How Europe Created Its Own Refugee Crisis – The Mediterranean’s worst migrant boat disaster in decades has spurred a flurry of controversy over how to best handle the influx of displaced people trying to reach Europe.

Immigration Reform in the Age of Obama – Immigration policy in the United States has been an ongoing debate in Washington for years and is a major point of contention between President Barack Obama and Republicans.

Dismantle Europe’s Racist and Murderous Migration Regime – Saving the lives of migrants and refugees “shouldn’t be a priority” for naval patrols, a top EU border agency official stated, revealing the bloc’s lack of interest in fighting the underlying causes of the migrant crisis.

Sanctuary City Movement Builds Migrant Justice with Solidarity – Sanctuary City is a local response to unjust federal immigration policy aimed at carving out spaces of dignity, justice, and solidarity to provide “access without fear” for all on the basis of need, not immigration status.

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