Claudia Sheinbaum Says She Will Consolidate the National Guard as Part of the Mexican Army

Claudia Sheinbaum (L) and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (C) and the Oaxaca governor Salomón Jara Cruz (R). Photo: X/ @misaelsanchezmx

June 23, 2024 Hour: 5:26 pm

During the inauguration of a new Mexican National Guard (NG) headquarter in the municipality of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, southern Mexico, the elected president of Mexico Claudia Sheinbaum expressed her willignes to strengthen and consolidate this security force as part of the Secretariat of National Defence (SEDENA).


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In the event, she and the outgoing president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that in the next government (2024-2030), headed by Sheinbaum from October 1, will be given continuity to the policy of security and militarization initiated by López Obrador with the creation, in 2019, of the National Guard, dedicated to public security.

The National Guard is an institution created by the president @lopezobrador_. Today it has more than 130 thousand elements and great social approval. In our government we are going to consolidate it, for the protection of our people.

“The National Guard, in just five years, already has the recognition of the people of Mexico and it is up to us from October 1 to continue strengthening and consolidating it as part of the Secretariat of National Defense with the constitutional reform that is on the way in the Mexican Congress,” said Sheinbaum.

In his turn, López Obrador said: “We are going forward, I was very pleased to hear that the president-elect of Mexico and the next constitutional president and supreme commander of the Armed Forces has announced that the National Guard is going, as it should be, to be part of the structure of the Secretariat of National Defense, is very good news”.

The president recalled that previous governments had as their criterion that the problem of insecurity and violence “could be solved only by the use of force, but no, violence cannot be faced with violence (…) it takes time, but we are on the right path.”

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