Inauguration of China’s New Steel Plant in Zimbabwe Marks Milestone in Industrial Growth

High Furnace of the Iron Plant, June 24, 2024 Photo: @J_KSmith1

June 24, 2024 Hour: 4:18 pm

Located in the area of Mvuma, the steel plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology

On Monday, in Zimbabwe, the new steel factory of the China Tsingshan Holding Group, has started its furnaces. One of the main productions of the plant will be the pig iron. Pig iron, also known as crude iron, is produced by melting iron ore in a blast furnace.

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Located in the area of Mvuma, the steel plant is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which will allow efficient and environmentally friendly production, fostering sustainable development.

The investment of $1.5 billion stands out not only for the magnitude but also for the economic boost that will mean for metarulgia in Africa and local development.

The Tsingshan steel plant is located in the Mvuma region, and is expected to produce up to one million tons of steel per year, this will increase the supply of metal in the African market and will also serve as a source of employment for local residents.

Another good thing about the production of high-quality steel and pig iron, such as that of Tsingshan, in African soil will eliminate the dependence of the countries of the continent on the western supply of metals, reducing construction costs.

The plant will initially produce 600,000 tons of steel per year at the peak of its first phase and production is expected to reach five million tons in the final phase of the plant’s expansion.

Tsingshan’s investment in Zimbabwe is a clear signal of the region’s potential for industrial development. This plant is not only a milestone for the Chinese company, but also for Zimbabwe, which is positioned as an emerging center of the steel industry in Africa. Tsingshan, the world’s largest producer of stainless steel, also has other projects in Africa under the subsidiary of Dinson Iron and Steel Company.

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