Government of Nicaragua Congratulates the Duchy of Luxembourg on Its National Day

People in the streets celebrating the Luxembourg National Day holding that country’s flags. Photo: X/ @CityLuxembourg

June 22, 2024 Hour: 3:07 pm

Nicaraguan Government congratulated the Luxembourgish Grand Duke Henri and the entire people of the Center European country on the occasion of their National Day, celebrated since the XVIII in honor of the Grand Duke’s birthady.


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“Our best wishes of health and prosperity to you, your People and Government, reiterating Nicaragua’s commitment to continue strengthening the Bonds of Friendship, Solidarity and Cooperation that unite our Peoples and Governments,” reads the Nicaraguan letter.

“Groussherzogsgebuertsdag” as is known the festivity in Luxembourg it is celebrated since the XVIII century because a tradition to celebrate the birthday of each current ruler, but born on 19 February, this holiday moved in 1850 to 17 June, the birthday of his wife, Queen Sophia. This is also due to the approaching death of his brother, Prince Alexander, who had died on 20 February 1848.

Under the Grand Duchess Charlotte ruling, the celebration fell on January 23, that is, in the middle of winter. So in 1961 for purely climatic reasons it was decided to celebrate the birthday of the Grand Duchess on June 23, the warmest day of the year after the Summer solstice.

Even under the current Grand Duke Henry, the date endures, but it no longer has direct relationship with the monarch. However, Luxembourg’s National Day is often known as the Dukes of Land Tax Day (Grand Duchy Day).

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