Federal and local governments work on the reconstruction of towns in Rio Grande do Sul

Neighbors of Rio Grande do Sul amid the rubber left by the floods, June 6, 2024 Photo: teleSur

June 6, 2024 Hour: 5:33 pm

The state of Rio Grande Do Sul also launched cleaning teams to remove furniture, mattresses and useless appliances that neighbors leave on the sidewalks.

In the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, efforts continue to recover from the damage caused by the heavy rains and floods that have affected the region for more than a month.

There are still more than 380 road closures in the territory and the estimated cost of rebuilding them ranges from $571 million to $1.6 billion.

According to the government of Rio Grande do Sul, 30 roads were prioritized to receive recovery and reconstruction actions, covering 36 municipalities.

The text reads,
President Lula return to Rio Grande do Sul to observe the reconstruction tasks in the Vale do Taquari. The region was practically completely devastated by storms in May.

In addition, it reported that tenders were issued for the reconstruction of eight bridges on seven state roads, with an estimated total value of the equivalent of $15 million

Also, 61,000 families received this Thursday the payment of 1000 dollars for the purchase of goods lost by the floods, which increases the number of beneficiary households to 100,000.

Moreover, the Brazilian authorities reported at least 13 deaths from leptospirosis and more than 3000 cases under suspicion of contagion.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health confirmed 242 cases of infection through rat urine.

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