Europe Shaken After UE Parliament Elections: Macron Advances Legislatives and Belgian PM Announces His Resignation

Supporters of presidential party RE Renaissance watch French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech announcing snap legislative elections. Photo: EFE/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

June 9, 2024 Hour: 5:41 pm

For the sixth time since 1958 In an unprecedented decision, French President Emmanuel Macron gave a national reading of the European elections and decided this Sunday to call early legislative elections for the overwhelming triumph of the opposition.


Right Wing Will Win European Parliament Elections According to Exit Polls

The new elections will come only two years after those of June 2022, in which the Ukraine-backer Macron’s Renaissance lost the absolute majority that he had had in the 2017-legislature 2022, which has created problems for the government when it comes to finding parliamentary partners to approve its reforms.

“Far right parties… are progressing everywhere in the continent,” he said. “It is a situation to which I cannot resign myself”, said with serious gesture the French president, in a televised address decided when polls on the ballot box gave just over 30% to Le Pen’s list, half to Macron’s (15%), closely followed by the Socialist Party (14%).

On the other hand, the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, of the Flemish Liberal Open Vld party, announced his resignation this Sunday after the poor results obtained by his formation in the federal and regional elections in Belgium.

“For us it was an especially difficult night, we lost,” said a shocked De Croo, who could not help but cry at an appearance congratulating the winners, the Flemish nationalist N-VA party and the ultra-right Vlaams Belang, as well as the Flemish socialist party Vooruit, which also achieved good results.

Reflecting on the poor results of the Flemish Liberal Party, which contrast with the good results achieved by the French-speaking Liberals (MR) in Brussels and Wallonia, De Croo considered that it has only been “the decorative figure of this campaign.”

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