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  • Cuba
    In Depth
    31 December 2015

    Foto: 1/2

  • Cuban President Raul Castro (L) and U.S. President Barack Obama (R).
    In Depth
    31 December 2015

    Cuban President Raul Castro (L) and U.S. President Barack Obama (R).

    Foto: 2/2 Reuters

As Cuba’s Revolution celebrates 57 years since rebels forced out the U.S.-backed regime of Fulgencio Batista, the country is deep into a process of normalizing relations with the United States. Cubans are hopeful that the changes on the island will improve upon the country’s important gains, while also reducing the impacts of U.S. hostility and interference.

Achievements of Cuba’s Revolution

​Cuban achievements in education and health have not only improved the lives of people on the island, but also in numerous other parts of the world.

Cuba Reports Lower Child Mortality Rate than US and Canada

Cuba's public health care system is renowned worldwide for its excellence and efficiency. READ MORE

Cuban Doctors Save over 250,000 Lives in Honduras

Cuban doctors have treated over 29 million Hondurans since 1998. READ MORE

Cuban Doctors Spur 'Amazing' Improvement in Brazil Healthcare

The Mas Medicos program now serves over 70 percent of Brazil's cities, and some of the country's most isolated regions. READ MORE

Cuba-Venezuela Initiative to Aid the Blind Has Helped 4 Million

The aid mission is well on its way to meeting the goal of helping 6 million people. READ MORE

VIDEO: 32,000 Cuban Medics Help to Improve Health in Venezuela

Cuba Leading Eradication of HIV/AIDS, UN Says

The U.N. recognizes Cuba’s social model as a way to fight HIV/AIDS. READ MORE

10 Million People Taught to Read Through Cuban Literacy Program

Millions of people in around 30 countries have now learned to read and write through the “Yo Si Puedo” program. READ MORE

Infographic: Education Achievements

Changing Relations Between Cuba and US

​Since December 2014, Cuban and U.S. officials have been working to mend ties between the two countries. In less than 1 year, important breakthroughs have been achieved.

Obama 'Interested' in Visiting Cuba

U.S. President Barack Obama has suggested he would consider visiting Cuba next year. READ MORE

Cuba Set to Approve New Foreign Investment Projects, Vow to Keep Socialism 'Intact'

Cuba is vowing to keep socialism intact while also opening up to fresh trade relations with the United States. READ MORE

Obama Urges US Lawmakers to Lift Cuba Blockade

The United States will continue the process of normalizing relations with Cuba in 2016, President Barack Obama said on Thursday. READ MORE

Cuba and US Sign 1st Environment Agreement

The agreement was the first of its kind since the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two nations, last Dec. 17. READ MORE

Cuba, US Close to Restoring Commercial Flights

The news broke hours before the Dec. 17, 2014 anniversary of Cuban President Raul Castro and U.S. President Barack Obama announcing the beginning of the normalization of relations between the two countries. READ MORE

Cubans Get Mail: US Agrees to Reestablish Direct Postal Service

For the first time in more than 50 years, people in the United States and Cuba will be able to send letters and packages directly to each other. ​READ MORE

VIDEO: U.S., Cuba to Reestablish Direct Commercial Air Flights

US Threats Against Cuba Continue

​Despite the steps to normalize relations, the United States has not yet removed the blockade on Cuba while also continuing to fund opposition groups in Cuba.

VIDEO: UN Votes Against Cuba Blockade

Raul Castro Says US Policy Foments Cuban Migration

Castro made the comments during a meeting in Cuba with his counterpart from Costa Rica, where about 6,000 Cuban migrants have been stranded over the past month. READ MORE

Cuba Warns Obama Not to Interfere in Internal Affairs

Cuba will not “negotiate matters that are inherent to its internal system in exchange for an improvement of relations with the United States,” said Josefina Vidal, director of U.S. affairs in the Cuban foreign ministry. READ MORE

Cuba Criticizes US 'Wet-Foot-Dry-Foot' Policy at Bilateral Meeting

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry said the meeting had a “respectful and professional atmosphere.” READ MORE

Audit Finds 11% of Funds for USAID 'Democracy' Project in Cuba Had Irregularities

The "Hastening the Transition to Democracy in Cuba" project included "unsupported and ineligible" personnel, travel, and outside services costs. READ MORE

US Blockade Costs Cuba US$833 Billion in Five Decades

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said his country would once again present a resolution before the U.N. calling for an end to the blockade. READ MORE

VIDEO: Cuba Criticizes U.S. Rejection of Anti-Blockade Resolution

Raul Castro Insists Obama Should Use Powers to Lift Blockade

Despite the improving ties between Cuba and the U.S. Cuban President Raul Castro has said he will not abandon the ideals that generations of Cubans have fought for. READ MORE

teleSUR Opinion

Close Guantanamo and Return It to Cuba by Marjorie Cohn

President Obama has the constitutional power to shut down the prison there and return Guantanamo to Cuba. READ MORE

Africa’s Children Return! Cuba and Southern African Liberation

Cuba provides the example that it is possible to build relations based on genuine solidarity and social love. READ MORE

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