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  • After the closing of various CIA

    After the closing of various CIA "black sites" in Europe because of public scandals, Obama's administration is looking onto opening others. (Photo: Reuters) | Photo: Reuters

Published 7 November 2014

The US and Ukrainian government have been negotiating the use of illegal detention and torture centers in Ukraine, for both Islamic State terrorists and Ukrainian separatists.

The U.S. government is planning to create secret prisons modeled on Guantanamo, reported today the press agency Kriminform.

The U.S. intelligence services are considering imprisoning the Islamic State militants in these new torture centers, while the Ukrainian government will be able to use them for its opponents, especially in the south of the country.

According to Kriminform, who did not want to reveal its sources for “obvious reasons,” the negotiations occurred between August and October this year, and parties agreed that Washington will fund the reinforcement of the defensive system in Ukraine, as a long-term debt.

In exchange, the Ukrainian government will let the U.S. use its territory for the facilities, claimed the press agency.

After the scandal that involved various EU countries, especially Lithuania and Poland, suspected of hiding CIA “black sites,” President Obama decided in 2009 to close the prisons and torture centers in these territories. For this reason, the U.S. intelligence services are considering creating more, as the Islamic State threat has represented a useful justification for the need for centers of unlimited and extra-judicial detention.

These prisons will also detain non-Ukrainian citizens and opponents suspected of collaborating with the south-eastern militias.

The centers are expected to be located in the center and west of the country, in facilities that are already imprisoning people captured in Donbass and civilians who did not want to colaborate with the repressive bodies, wrote Kriminform.

Ukraine confirmed that it could currently receive up to 150 prisoners, concluded the press agency. 

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