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  • A September New York City protest demands G4S withdraw from both Standing Rock and Palestine.

    A September New York City protest demands G4S withdraw from both Standing Rock and Palestine. | Photo: Flickr / Joe Catron

Published 2 November 2016

The Marxist resistance group extended their “revolutionary greetings and salutes” to protesters at the pipeline.

The revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Palestinian resistance group The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, issued a fiery statement this week in solidarity with protestors at the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline, supporting their fight against "the settler colonial project of genocide and plunder in North America."

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In the statement issued on its website, the group writes, “The PFLP extends its revolutionary greetings and salutes to all of the Native and Indigenous peoples defending their land and water, affirming their existence and resistance over centuries of struggle.”

“It is no surprise that the United States and Canada, built on the genocide of Indigenous peoples and the plunder of their land and resources, are today the strongest settler colonial partners of the Zionist state engaged in its own settler colonial project of destruction in Palestine,” said Palestinian leftist writer Khaled Barakat in an interview with the PFLP media office.

“The Indigenous strugglers at Standing Rock are defending Indigenous land and water, the resources that have been confiscated and polluted for centuries by a settler colonial capitalist project that has ravaged Indigenous lives, land and resources. They are defending the very existence of their people with their valiant resistance. As a Palestinian national liberation movement, we salute these Indigenous strugglers and all who stand alongside them at Standing Rock confronting the militarized forces of the settler colonial state and their privatized agents,” Barakat continued.

Barakat looped ties between the Palestinian struggle, the resistance at the site of the Dakota pipeline and injustices throughout much of the world.

“It is also no surprise that G4S has been involved in providing private security for the construction of the destructive, invasive pipeline through Indigenous land, threatening the water and the safety of the Standing Rock Sioux and the rights of Indigenous nations.

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"This same corporation is involved in providing security to the Canadian mining corporations that plunder Indigenous land for mineral wealth around the world and destroy Indigenous land for the so-called ‘tar sands’ that threaten the future of the land itself. It is the same corporation that sells equipment and security services to the Israel Prison Services that imprison over 7,000 Palestinians in the service of the Zionist settler colonial project, and the same company involved in the mass incarceration of children and youth — especially youth of color — in the U.S., and in the deportation of migrants in the U.K., Australia, U.S. and elsewhere,” said Barakat.

“We see (Indigenous land defenders) reflected in the Palestinian mothers holding tight to their olive trees targeted for settler destruction; in the Palestinian farmers who resist in the so-called “buffer zones,” and the fishers who brave warship fire to preserve Palestinian fishery, in the land and water defenders of the world who resist the vicious onslaughts of settler colonial capitalism,” the statement reads.

The PFLP urged their compatriots in the Palestinian struggle to stand in solidarity with Native Americans fighting against the pipeline.

“We also encourage and call upon the Palestine solidarity movement to build upon the caravans to Standing Rock and cross-country actions and protests to deepen its involvement in the struggle to defend indigenous land.”

In the conclusion to their cross-struggle salute, the PFLP write, “There is a long history of connections and common struggle between our liberation struggles, together in the global movement to defeat settler colonialism, Zionism and imperialism, that we must nurture and build upon until victory and liberation.”

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