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  • Students were asked by the principal to remove their anti-Trump shirts.

    Students were asked by the principal to remove their anti-Trump shirts. | Photo: Twitter / @ChicanosUEdCtte

Published 3 May 2016

Latino students at an Orange County, California school have been victims of racist actions by white students who openly support Republican Donald Trump.

A group of Latino teenagers in California won the right to express themselves and wear “Dump Trump” T-shirts inside their school after they presented evidence of apparently racist double standards in the decisions of the administration in regards to the political views and activities of the students.

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Latino students at Orange County's Newport Harbor High School, which is 38 percent Latino and 52 percent white, have reportedly been victims of racism and xenophobia by white students who openly support the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

"An anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, derogatory graffiti was chalked throughout the campus including the words fuck illegal aliens, wetbacks and a heart drawn alongside Trump’s name," 16-year-old student Angelina Alvarez told The Guardian.

Orange County had been the scene of recent clashes between supporters and opponents of Trump. | Photo: Facebook / Carlos Perea

“In light of what happened in the rally, we asked students with any Trump apparel on, whether it was pro or against, to remove it,” Boulton said, adding that his decision was based on safety concerns and reports that students were getting bullied for their views.

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However, students fought for their right to protest in a peaceful way, not only against the derogatory graffiti, but also against other incidents reported on campus such as verbal harassment which had made them feel they were under attack.

Supported by local attorneys and associations of Latinos, the school had no choice but to let students express themselves freely against Donald Trump.

Trump has provoked widespread popular outrage because of his inflammatory speeches in which he has said that Mexicans are "rapists" and "criminals."

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