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  • Members of the Islamic State group.

    Members of the Islamic State group. | Photo: REUTERS

Published 24 June 2017

An Iranian Revolutionary Guards representative claims to have "evidence of arms, logistical and medical assistance," to the terrorist Islamic State group.

In a video released Friday, and translated by Russia Today, a representative of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards claims that Iran has evidence that the United States has secretly provided support to the Islamic State group which it plans to present.

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The nature of the evidence is not yet known.

“There are plans to release documents revealing United States support for the Islamic State group," the representative, Hamidreza Moqaddamfar said.

"However, they are not documents like formal contracts or written texts, but they cover activities in the field, including locations where they provided help to the Islamic State group. They show evidence of arms, logistical and medical assistance, which are all clues of American support for the terrorist group,” he continued.

This is not the first time similar accusations have been levied against the U.S.

Iran has frequently accused the U.S. of itself being a "terrorist state" for its history of funding terror groups that support its interests.

With a strategy many have seen as contradictory, or lacking a clear objective at best, the U.S. has been engaged in a complex war fighting opposing interests in Iraq and Syria.

Their “regime change” policy toward the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad has led to U.S. airstrikes attacking forces allied with the Syrian government, including Russia and Iran. They have also backed opposition militants within Syria, including both foreign and local Islamist groups united in their campaign to remove the so-called Assad "regime."

The Syrian government coalition has assumed a leading role in combating the Islamic State group in the area, leading many to criticize the U.S.'s unofficial war waged on the Syrian government and its allied forces as providing a form of support to the Islamic State group and other radical terror groups that seek the overthrow of the Syrian government and establish theocratic

The Iranian representative also indicated that Iran is attempting to demonstrate its capacity to fight the Islamic State group.

“The primary goal behind the recent announcement that Iran fired missiles into Syria, both accurately detecting and striking Islamic State group positions, was to show our weapons capabilities," the representative said.

Earlier this week, U.S. forces shot down an allegedly armed "pro-regime" Iranian drone in Syria, only days after shooting down a piloted Syrian government aircraft.

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