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  • San Isidro prison

    San Isidro prison | Photo: EFE

Published 25 February 2017

“Let’s not play the game of the enemies of peace,” said a statement released by 97 prisoners.

Almost 100 FARC political prisoners began an indefinite hunger strike on Saturday to demand better prison conditions and an acceleration and commitment to the peace process.

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“Let’s not play the game of the enemies of peace,” said a statement released by 97 prisoners demanding “fundamental” changes to health issues in the San Isidro prison that led to the death of one FARC member, Marino Fernandez Puyo, last week.

He did not receive medical attention for a week after being stabbed by another inmate with mental health issues.

The peace accords passed late November have committed to granting amnesty to FARC members, but they are unclear about how many will be freed as many remain behind bars.

The FARC inmates insisted that the state speed up its execution of the peace process, especially “that the release of political prisoners and the amnesty law become a reality.”


While fellow members were going to begin the disarmament and transition process next week, they asked for a delay because they said that the government had not met its own requirements under the accords.

FARC political prisoners have often gone on strike over prison conditions, which have still not fundamentally changed medical conditions in prisons.

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