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European Left, in Solidarity With LATAM Against Imperialism

  • FILE PHOTO: Eurolat members meeting in Panama. Apr. 4, 2018

    FILE PHOTO: Eurolat members meeting in Panama. Apr. 4, 2018 | Photo: EFE

Published 19 September 2018

Leftist legislators of Eurolat reaffirm their commitment “to ending the neoliberal model designed to concentrate wealth by impoverishing the working class."

Leftist legislators of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (Eurolat) issued a joint statement from Vienna rejecting the imperialist interventionism against some actors and politicians in different countries of the American continent.


Nicaragua: 'Interventionist' OAS Commission 'Not Welcome'

In a 25 point statement, the legislators denounced the “judicial, political, and media persecution; and the criminalization campaigns that several progressive leaders are suffering —like our partners Lula da Silva, Rafael Correa and Cristina Kirchner — with the objective of preventing them from running in presidential elections.”


They also expressed revulsion at the attacks and unilateral measures imposed on Venezuela aiming to diminish its sovereignty.

“We reject the attacks on Venezuela and the unilateral measures against its political and economic sovereignty imposed by the U.S. and the EU, along with allies in Latin America and the Caribbean,” says the statement. “As well as the strengthening of sanctions that have consequences for its people.”

They also denounced the “manipulation of the issue of the economic migration in the region to justify a foreign intervention. We firmly condemn the irresponsible violent words of Mr. Almagro, the OAS Secretary-General, calling for a military intervention. We reaffirm that Latin America is a peaceful territory.”


The group regretted the deterioration of democracy in Colombia, the increasing number of murders and violence against social and political leaders and called for the peace agreements to be respected.

“We call on the Colombian State to comply with what's already been agreed upon and congratulate the FARC-EP for its commitment to peace, and for complying with the agreement,” they wrote. “We equally support the peace negotiations with the ELN.”


Regarding Brazil, they expressed serious concern political crisis the country is going through, with Lula currently living as political prisoner, preventing him from running in the next presidential election.

“We express our solidarity with the Brazilian people facing a serious democratic crisis and the attacks on the Brazilian constitution occurring in Brazil since the coup against President Dilma Rousseff. We call on the Brazilian people to respond in the next Oct 7 elections, and to reject the risk of returning to a dictatorship and current neoliberal policies.”


Regarding Ecuador, the group expressed disappointment with the democratic, social, labor and economic setbacks represented by the liberal government of Lenin Moreno, and condemned the persecution of public servants, scholars, journalists and others who oppose him.

“We demand the competent Ecuadorean authorities to respect the right of political participation of the militants of the Revolucion Ciudadana, whose attempts to register as a political movement have been stopped and obstructed until the present moment.”

They also rejected the U.S. plans to interfere in Ecuadorean sovereignty under the pretext of “war of drug trafficking.”


Eurolat stood in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, its constitutional president, who “suffered a coup attempt. We condemn all of those who are questioning the sovereignty and the interests of the Nicaraguan people by betting on destabilization.

They added that they’re joining “the struggle against foreign interventionism and the sustainability of sovereignty in Nicaragua. We congratulate the heroism of the Nicaraguan people that resisted, and who are regaining peace every day.”

Other proclamations they made concerned the rest of the continent. These included concerns over the latest Honduran election, in which Juan Orlando Hernandez was elected; a rebuff of the persecution of social leaders in Argentina, demanding the release of indigenous activist Milagro Salas; an end to the U.S. blockade on Cuba and the return of its occupied territory of Guantanamo Bay; the end of NATO militarization in Europe and along the borders with Russia; and a call for a diplomatic exit on the territorial dispute between Bolivia and Chile.

They also rejected the European Union’s increasing xenophobia and the less friendly immigration policies that come with it, as well as “subcontracting” countries like Libya and Turkey to deal with the issue.

“We understand that migration is now a global problem caused by imperialism’s policies of aggression and exploitation.”

The Eurolat denounced the global paranoia cauesed by “disinformation” and persecution against media outlets such as RT and TeleSUR, which don't always align with mainstream media and its western narratives.

“All over Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, we must promote far-reaching and stable unity, collaboration and cooperation among leftist forces.”

The statement was issued by members of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, Parlasur's progressive legislators, and the leftist legislators of Parlantino, Parlacen and Parlandino at the encounter of Eurolat's permanent parliamentary commissions, taking place in Vienna from September 17 to 20.

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