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  • Catalonia's president Artur Mas.

    Catalonia's president Artur Mas. | Photo: Reuters

Published 4 February 2015

The government of Catalonia, seeking more autonomy from Madrid, announced it will develop its political, cultural and commercial representation abroad.

“The intention is that in the coming months and years we are going to open fifty offices around the world,” Roger Albinyana, Catalan government deputy minister for external affairs, told Catalan channel,TV3, on Monday.

He explained that the embassies would sometimes deal with multiple countries in an area, would be aimed at attracting foreign investment and promote Catalan culture abroad.

Catalonia, which is already represented in Belgium, the U.S, the U.K, France and Germany, has just opened two new embassies in Rome and Vienna.

In the future, new embassies will focus on developing relations with Latin America and Asia, added the official.

About 80 percent of Catalans approved the idea of full autonomy for their region in a referendum held in November, even though the Spanish government prohibited it. That saw the Supreme Court opening up an investigation into current Catalan leader Artur Mas in December

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