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  • Lead banner calls for Temer's ouster.

    Lead banner calls for Temer's ouster. | Photo: Reuters

Published 18 May 2017

Protesters are being met with riot police and repression, according to reports.

Fora Temer! (“Out Temer!”) has become the battle cry of the streets and with that, a call for the return of democracy. teleSUR takes a look at social movements and popular organizations demanding Temer's removal and fresh elections.

"Sao Paulo now: From the asphalt to the presidential office windows reverberate with drums asking for Temer's resignation."
"This is how it is right now in Brasilia and it's raining."

"Cartoon shows what everyone wants: Elections Now!"

"Central Workers Union plan to occupy Brasilia and organize another general strike."

Joao Pedro Stedile, leader of the Landless Workers' Movement and the Popular Front of Brazil — organizations in the forefront of the struggle — urged people to remain in the streets after Temer falls, according to Brasil de Fato.

With three impeachment requests by parliamentarians in less than 24 hours, Michel Temer finds himself isolated and battered, unable to ward off a backlash after a wiretap implicated him in approving bribes that would obstruct the hand of justice.

Brazil's Top Court Approves Investigation into President Temer After Damning Wiretap

“Look, you've got to keep that up,” Temer responded upon hearing Joesley Batista, chairman of meatpacking giant JBS SA, confirm that monthly hush money was being paid to keep Eduardo Cunha silent. Cunha, Brazil's former speaker of the lower house of representatives, is reported to be aware of dozens of embarrassing secrets that could further jeopardize the legitimacy of Temer's presidency.

On Thursday, Parana Institute Research released a survey indicating that 87 percent of Brazilians favor the immediate removal of Temer. Meanwhile, 88 percent support Temer's impeachment, resignation, or removal by the Supreme Court.

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