Detainees in Operation to Attack President Maduro to Be Tried in Terrorism Court

March 26, 2024 Hour: 6:54 pm

Venezuela’s Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, informed this Tuesday about the prosecution of the two individuals captured for attempting acts of violence in the national march in support of the registration of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro as candidate for the July 28 elections. 

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From the Public Prosecutor’s Office Saab said that they will be presented before the respective Terrorism Control Court, for the commission of association; attempted homicide; instigation to hatred and illicit carrying of firearms in prohibited places.

According to Saab, during the interrogation, both claimed to be political activists of the organization Vente Venezuela (…) “as we see; it appears again linked to attempts to generate violence and attack the integrity of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro,” he said. 

He added that one of the subjects identified as Jerry Argenis Ostos Perdomo, upon being approached by the security forces, was found to have a 9 mm caliber firearm, Pietro Beretta brand and a 9 mm magazine with a capacity of 15 ammunition, and containing 12 bullets. Ostos is the national coordinator of “that micro-sect known as VV,” Saab said. 

The prosecutor also said that minutes later the other implicated person was located and was identified as Carlos Eduardo Castillo. The subject was also found with a 7.65 mm caliber firearm, Walther brand, with a magazine with capacity for 8 ammunition and containing 6 bullets.

Saab noted that on the night of March 25, several raids were carried out and the investigation continues. In this regard, the prosecutor said that in the last few weeks plans have been unveiled that seek to generate an escalation of violence, military uprisings and the seizure of power by means alien to the democratic game. 

Saab concluded by condemning the irresponsibility of news agencies that do not abide by the truth and do not denounce these conspiracy actions. “Because it is an accomplice way of giving coverage and justification to all the actions I have mentioned,” said the attorney general. 

Autor: teleSUR/ OSG

Fuente: VTV

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