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Attacks on Belgorod Not To Go Unpunished: Russian President

  • Victims of the bombardment in Belgorod were transported by plane, Dec. 31, 2023.

    Victims of the bombardment in Belgorod were transported by plane, Dec. 31, 2023. | Photo: X/ @RTenfrancais

Published 1 January 2024

"It was a direct attack on the civilian population," Putin said, adding that he himself is "boiling with anger."

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the Ukrainian attack on the border city of Belgorod on Saturday, which resulted in 24 deaths and over a hundred injuries, will not go unpunished.


21 Killed in Ukrainian Attacks on Russia's Border City Belgorod

"It was a direct attack on the civilian population. It was certainly a terrorist attack. It cannot be described otherwise," he said, assuring that the attack on Belgorod "will not go unpunished, one hundred percent, there can be no doubt."

Putin added that he himself is "boiling with anger" and asked a soldier who inquired about what the response to the attack on Belgorod would be if Russia had to do the same and attack cities, to which the soldier replied that he was referring to military targets.

"That's what we do. We are doing it. We attack with high-precision weapons the places where decisions are made, concentrations of military personnel, mercenaries, and other similar centers, military targets, in the first place. And these are sensitive attacks. We will continue to do so," the Russian President said.

The text reads, "Victims from Belgorod arrived in the suburbs of Moscow."

Regarding the situation on the battlefield, Putin emphasized that the initiative is "practically" in the hands of the Russian military, who have weapons that "no army in the world has."

"We don't want to fight forever, but we are not willing to give up our positions either," he said, insisting that the essence of the problem does not lie in Ukraine, "but in those who, using Ukraine, try to destroy Russia. That is ruled out, absolutely ruled out," he stressed.

"Ukraine itself is not our enemy, but those who want to destroy the Russian state, those who want to achieve, as they say, the strategic defeat of Russia on the battlefield, and they are mainly in the West," the Russian leader explained.

Putin indicated that in the West, there are those who sympathize with Russia, but there are also the "so-called elites, who consider that the existence of Russia in its current quality and size is unacceptable."

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