BRICS Countries Refuse to Sign Summit Declaration on Conflict in Ukraine in the Face of Russia’s Exclusion

BRICS group leaders. Photo: X/ @BRICSinfo

June 16, 2024 Hour: 5:47 pm

A total of 16 nations, including those from the BRICS Group, did not sign the final declaration during talks on the Ukraine-Russia conflict at the Ukraine Peace Summit in the Swiss city of Burgenstock that ended this Sunday.


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Brazil, India and South Africa – which are part with Russia China of the group of emerging economies, known as the BRICS-, in addition to Mexico did not sign the document. Nor did Armenia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates join the final declaration.

The Kremlin have stated that seeking solutions to the Ukrainian conflict without Russia’s involvement was illogical and futile. Swiss government haven’t take on count the Russian participation in the Summit.

The Mexican Foreign minister Alicia Bárcena said it is “imperative that we make diplomatic efforts so that the Russian Federation is included in this discussion,” as she stated that the peace process should be under the umbrella of the United Nations and that it takes step-by-step negotiated agreements and measures to build confidence should be considered.

“This war in Europe is posing an existential security threat to the global community as a whole […] Mexico is here to reiterate its long-standing commitment to all the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and respect for international law and sovereignty and territorial integrity. We are against invasions and violent aggressions, including diplomatic installations,” said the chancellor.

Leaders from China, Brazil, and South Africa have also refused to attend the event while the Indian Prime Minister confirmed his country’s attendance to the summit but specified that he will not participate personally.

Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva said before the event that “Without Russia, there is no one to negotiate with.” “There has to be an agreement, but if Zelenski says he does not want to talk to Putin, and Putin says he does not talk to Zelenski, it will be because they like the war, because otherwise they would have sat down to talk to find a peaceful solution,” he said.

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