5 July 2023
Guilty Of Killing Tourist In Puerto Rico Turns Himself In

Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, the fugitive wanted by the authorities for the crime of tourist Tommy Greys Proctor, 17, surrendered today to the authorities at the Court of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Fugitive charged with murder of tourist in Isla Verde turns himself in. Jul. 5, 2023.


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The surrender of the accused occurred after the mediation of his attorney Jorge Gordon Menéndez, with the director of the Special Arrests and Extraditions Division, Lieutenant Raúl Negrón.

"From the first day we knew that Carlos Anibal was directly linked to the murder of this young tourist, we began to search for him in the family's homes, at different addresses that came to us under confidences. Thanks to the Criminal Intelligence, Drug and Homicide Divisions, today he decided to turn himself in to the authorities after several days of searching," said Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa.

Once in the custody of the agents, he was served with the arrest warrant issued Monday by Judge Geisa Marrero, of the Carolina Court, for charges in absentia for the crimes of first-degree murder, two for attempted murder and violation of articles 6.05 (carrying, transporting or using firearms without a license) and three for article 6.14 (shooting or pointing firearms) of the Weapons Law.

The tweet reads: ARRESTED! Suspect in Isla Verde Tourist's Murder Arrested!
Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, the suspect in the murder of tourist Tommy Grays on the Isla Verde beach last Saturday night, was placed under arrest this morning by Police agents.

San Juan Court Judge Glen Velázquez ordered him to the Bayamón Correctional Complex after he failed to post bail amounting to $1.4 million until the preliminary hearing scheduled for July 19.

When approached by reporters, the 23-year-old pleaded his right not to make any statements while being transferred from the court to be booked at Police Headquarters in Hato Rey.

Investigators are in the process of notifying the victim's family of his arrest, added Lopez Figueroa, who emphasized that they have been very cooperative in this process.

The facts of this case date back to 7:30 p.m. Saturday when Greys Proctor, who was with her stepfather Marice Sharon Gaines, 39, and her maternal uncle Aaron Proctor Amani, 30, were sharing in the beach area at the end of Gardenia Street, behind Casa Cuba Beach Club, in Isla Verde, when an altercation broke out. It has not yet been revealed what motivated the crime.

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