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"We now face a true emergency -- an absolutely unacceptable state of world affairs that has eliminated any margin for error or further delay," the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said.

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Tau, an Alzheimer's-associated protein, creates an effect of protection against the most aggressive brain tumors.

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After weeks of criticism over his handling of the crisis, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday he would propose a high-powered inquiry into the disaster, including the impact of climate change.

The Chinese spatula fish, nicknamed the 'Yangtze River panda' because of its large size, has disappeared completely because of overfishing and the loss of its habitat.

These missions are the result of the meeting held in Seville, Spain, in November 2019, where ministers responsible for space activities in European countries for the first time in 25 years reached over one billion euros to finance projects for the next five years.

The AI system identified cancers with a similar degree of accuracy to expert radiologists while reducing the number of false-positive results.

Increases in atmospheric C02 concentrations driven by human activities alter terrestrial and marine ecosystems and impact on human health, food security and migration trends.

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