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The UN Secretary-General exhorted the world to celebrate and work to preserve the positive results after 32 years of the Montreal Protocol.

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Since 1992, thousands of planets orbiting distant stars worlds, with confirmed water, were uninhabitable till now.

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Five years after the rise of water temperature all along the coast belt between Southern California peninsula to Alaska, another oceanic heatwave has formed on the Pacific coast of North America.

The OPC consultant said the spread of the virus was directly linked to poverty, since the management of the environment, water and trash affect the propagation of the mosquitoes.

The global sea level increase will greatly affect Venice, a world heritage city which is already going through severe environmental changes due to intensive tourism and pollution.

The innovation comes amid growing discontent against the planned obsolescence electronic companies use to boost sales at the expense of natural resources and a biodiverse ecosystem.

The South American country signed agreements aimed at consolidating its participation in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

The report, which downgraded the long-term health of the reef from “poor” to “very poor,” underlined the urgency of initiatives that stop and reverse the effects of climate change globally and to improve water quality at a regional level.

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