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-- China's Tianwen-1 probe enters orbit around Mars Wednesday night.

-- It marks the first time that a Chinese spacecraft has orbited an extraterrestrial planet, and a key step in China's current Mars exploration program, which is designed to complete orbiting, landing and roving in one mission.

-- Tianwen-1 will now conduct multiple orbital corrections to enter a temporary Mars parking orbit, surveying potential landing sites in preparation to land in May or June.

Susan Hopkins, chief of COVID strategy at Public Health England, said lessons have to be learned from the past.

"We have learned, as we did on the first occasion, we have to relax things really quite slowly, so that if cases start to increase we can clamp down quite fast," she told the BBC.

"While there was some loss of neutralization power against the variant identified in South Africa (B.1.351), vaccine recipients could still fend it off," says Mark Cameron. "Of course, more work is being done to understand the extent and duration of immunity."

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the African continent reached 3,418,514 as of Sunday, the Africa CDC said.

Among these case reports, 10 cases were determined to be anaphylaxis, a rate of 2.5 anaphylaxis cases per million Moderna COVID-19 vaccine doses administered, said the CDC.

The new labor group focuses not only on wages and benefits like most unions, but also aims to play a role in the tech giant's ethical decisions and protection against arbitrary firings for activism.

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