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The fight against illegal groups on the Venezuelan-Colombian border is a priority to rebuild ties between the two nations, Colombia's president-elect Gustavo Petro said. 

State security agents were responsible for 29.6 percent of the murders, the paramilitaries for 22.4 percent of the cases, and the guerrilla organizations for 16.4 percent of the attacks.

"We celebrate standing up, victorious and proud of our roots, with our Liberators' determination and courage," President Nicolas Maduro said.

Belize's PM Briceno highlighted the importance of regional cooperation and expressed his rejection of the U.S. sanctions against the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba.

Over the weekend, the rainfall caused rivers to rise in different areas of the country, flooding of some roads, damage to 26 homes, and 7 landslides.

Among girls with a first birth at age 14 or younger, nearly three quarters also have a second birth in adolescence.

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