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The managing director of the International Monetary Fund warned G20 about the impact of coronavirus epidemic in world economy as well as climate change, trade tensions and persistent inequality.

The Pope, who has been an active voice in defense of refugees and migrants, expressed that is injustice what makes them cross deserts and seas, and to endure unspeakable forms of abuse, the enslavement of every kind and torture in inhumane detention camps.

Summoned by more than 850 civil and environmental organizations, thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid, in a festive environment, to warn the politicians and powerful men that despite their attempt to "silence" the cry against climate change it is an irreversible fact.

Seven million people die each year from air pollution with the same gases that cause climate change. 

The Eclac executive secretary called to forge "social compacts for equality" as the first step towards the construction of Welfare States in the region.​​

People from 153 countries, as part of the campaign Friday for Future, demonstrated against global warming and demanded governments to take more actions and get more involved in such urgent and critical phenomenon.


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