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Latin America

The Loreto, Amazonas, and Uyacali hospitals reported in June that their oxygen stock covers less than seven days of patient’s assistance.  Cusco and El Callao’s clinics' reserve is only enough for 14 days. 

This becomes a debacle for the government of Sebastian Piñera, who fought against any withdrawal of funds from Chile's private pension funds. 


About 121 million people could face famine by the end of the year, as a consequence of massive dismissals, social collapse, and the lack of humanitarian aid.

So far, Puerto Rico has reported 159 deaths, 95 of which are probably related to the pandemic.

The announcement comes two days after the U.S. formalized its intention to leave this multilateral institution in 2021.


Depiction of happy slaves and heroic slaveholders in the oscar-winning U.S. Civil War epic released in 1939 has garnered criticism.

Kennedy Mitchum, 22, a recent graduate of Drake University in Iowa, emailed the dictionary last month, following the killing of black U.S. citizen George Floyd by a white police officer.

The author of songs like "Al Alba", "Flor de un día", "Do not undress yet" or "Cine, cine" and "Belleza" was born in the Philippines in 1943.

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